A near-native of Melbourne, Australia, Vaughan McAlley has spent his now-long career developing expertise in many aspects of music, including choral music, instrumental and orchestral music, conducting, singing, and composing. He is a long-time member of Ensemble Gombert, and is a principal tenor in the choir of Scots’ Church in Melbourne.

His love of renaissance music has influenced his compositions, which explore the expressive capabilities of musical counterpoint. His motet Omnes angeli is the first fully-polyphonic 40-part motet since Spem in alium (1570) by Thomas Tallis. Other major works from the last decade include A Human Requiem, a setting for a cappella choir of the biblical passages Johannes Brahms chose for his German Requiem, Lamentations for 5-part choir, and a string quartet.

Music from 4 to 40 Parts

In 2019 he released an album, Music from 4 to 40 parts with Move Records. It is available from the iTunes Music Store, on Spotify, or as a CD from Buywell Music or the Australian Music Centre.

Vaughan conducting at a recording of one his pieces

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