Undeterred by a disastrous performance of my first song at a school camp, I have been composing in earnest since 1984. In 2000 I settled on an idiom that allowed me to fully indulge my enthusiasm for the expressive possibilities of counterpoint. Here is a incomplete list of my music. You may also find complementary information on my page at the Australian Music Centre.

Choral Music

2010A Birthday (AMC)Christina RossettiSATTB choir
2012Lamentations (AMC)Bible5-part choir (SAATB or ATTBarB)
2012Omnes angeliBible40-part choir
2015To Rosamounde, a balade (AMC)Geoffrey ChaucerSSAATTBB choir with optional 18-part ending
2019A Human Requiem
(world premiere 16 October 2022 in Melbourne)
BibleMezzo-soprano solo, SSAATTBB choir, with optional 18-part ending
2020Magpie MorningKatherine FirthClarinet, SATB choir with soprano and bass solos, organ

Instrumental music

2007Chaconne (AMC)Double string orchestra or double flute choir (10 parts)
2015String Quartet (AMC)Two violins, viola, cello

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