Serenade & Burlesque

for Flute Ensemble or Wind Quintet

by Vaughan McAlley (2006, 2009)

Score of Serenade (wind quintet version)
Score of Serenade (flute ensemble version)
Score of Burlesque (flute ensemble only)

Serenade & Burlesque appear on Monologues & Dialogues, a CD by flautist Peter Sheridan, published by Move Records. Details, including a sample recording, can be found here (click on Serenade and Burlesque– the track listed as Serenade is not by me!).
Lisa-Maree Amos – C flutes
Peter Sheridan – alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute

Serenade for wind quintet was composed in 2006 for the wedding of my friends Joel Gladman and Amanda Notini. In 2009 I arranged Serenade for flute ensemble and composed Burlesque as a companion piece. They were performed by the Monash University Flute Ensemble in September 2009, directed by Peter Sheridan. In 2011 Peter recorded both pieces on his CD Monologues & Dialogues. Both pieces have been broadcast by ABC Classic FM.

Serenade, being composed for a wedding, contains three canons between the clarinet and oboe (or second C flute and alto flute) that symbolise married people’s parallel courses through life. The title of Burlesque signifies that the piece is not serious (and especially not serious for a double-fugue!). The music showcases the different flutes’ versatility and agility.